‘How to Pee’ For Women

This article was originally written and posted by Marign Fietst. Thankfully on our ride there are going to be plenty of pit stops with real bathrooms so impromptu “ducking behind the bushes” won’t be necessary on this trip. Good information to have, though!

While I was riding out this morning, I suddenly realized how great it is to be able to train with leg warmers. And not with long winter pants. With leg warmers, it’s easy to pee while you’re on the road.

1. Pull one of the trouser legs up as far as possible.

2. Hold it from the inside with two hands: one at the front and put your other hand behind your back and grab the bib shorts from that position. Now pull the trouser leg as far as you can towards the opposite leg. The position of the hands is crucial in this respect. If you don’t follow the instructions correctly you’ll end up with wet hands. If you do it correctly, there’s an opening big enough to pee through.

3. Squat and pee.

Check out the website for an adorable drawing that she did of this entire process! Cartoony, work-safe…ish. Might have to explain, “No boss, this is really interesting! Look!”