‘How to Pee’ For Women

This article was originally written and posted by Marign Fietst. Thankfully on our ride there are going to be plenty of pit stops with real bathrooms so impromptu “ducking behind the bushes” won’t be necessary on this trip. Good information to have, though!

While I was riding out this morning, I suddenly realized how great it is to be able to train with leg warmers. And not with long winter pants. With leg warmers, it’s easy to pee while you’re on the road.

1. Pull one of the trouser legs up as far as possible.

2. Hold it from the inside with two hands: one at the front and put your other hand behind your back and grab the bib shorts from that position. Now pull the trouser leg as far as you can towards the opposite leg. The position of the hands is crucial in this respect. If you don’t follow the instructions correctly you’ll end up with wet hands. If you do it correctly, there’s an opening big enough to pee through.

3. Squat and pee.

Check out the website for an adorable drawing that she did of this entire process! Cartoony, work-safe…ish. Might have to explain, “No boss, this is really interesting! Look!”


We Have Hit Out Goal! Now What?

The original goal for this ride was $1000. What happens when you hit your modest goal?

You keep fundraising!

Just being you’re at 100% does it mean you can sit down and take it easy! Let’s keep raising money for Out to Pasture Animal Sanctuary! We still have more than a week away from the event. This isn’t the time to chill out. This is the time when we have to start panicking and running around!

We’ve made our goal!

Let’s raise the bar now!

If you’re interested in joining in our ride on Saturday, September 7th there is still time.

Please let us know!

3 Weeks Away!


We are just 19 days away from the morning of the ride and I am super excited to see bleary eyed riders stumble up to get some morning juice and snacks as they stretch and get ready for the long day ahead of them. There’s nothing like attempting to get enough sleep the night before, but the excitement keeping you up all night.

Make sure you carb load the night before!

If you’re interested in the route that we’re taking, to pique your interest, here’s the first official peek! It’s not the actual route, but it will give you an idea of what we are doing! We will start our morning here in Portland proper to shake the sleep out of our bones, take a nice morning cruise out to Kelley Point and then cruise on up to Women’s Forum for lunch. Then, we’ll head out to Estacada to say hello to our good friends at Out to Pasture Sanctuary who have mentioned snacks and smiles! Then we’ll head back into Portland where dinner will be awaiting our road weary yet successful legs and bodies!

**We are still looking for volunteers to host a breakfast/start location and/or dinner/end location!**
Please contact us if you are interested in contributing your time or location so we can collaborate. We are asking that food be vegan (and preferably wheat-free) to accommodate the most people.

We are at 17% and STILL accepting donations! Every dollar helps and goes directly to our charity organization, Out to Pasture Sanctuary, so please consider donating!